About our story


We are a team from Sardinia. iCardoo Digital Marketing S.R.L was born in 2018.

What we care about?

We are passionate about our environment and technology. We were observing our friends and colleagues and have noticed a few scenarios after business cards are printed. One is when you are printing too many business cards that you will never use. Then, your contact details change and you need to reprint them. Hundreds of business cards are in a trash bin. Another one is when you do not print enough business card and cannot share your contacts fast. Exchanging phone numbers takes time and is just not the same. But you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.  And what happens to the business cards you are taking at conferences, seminars or just in a pizza place? They appear to be lost when you need them or take valuable space in your wallet when you don’t need them. Icardoo tech allows you to be be more efficient, organized AND environmentally friendly. Stop unnecessary paper waste and make your choice matter.

What’s our mission?

Our mission is to digitize business cards. We offer a new platform that overcomes traditional business cards’ limits while minimizing its environmental impact.  Preserve  the charm and expressiveness of traditional business cards using our rich library of unique templates. Scan paper business cards and save in your phone address book. Exchange your contact via QR code and NFC. Icardoo is a new channel to make you more efficient and promote and boost your business.