Keep all your contacts updated and synced on all your devices. There is no need to send your business card changes to your contacts anymore.

How many cards are you printing and how many are you throwing away without distributing? How many cards are you collecting when attending a conference and how many of them end up in a trash bin? Printing business cards can contribute to unnecessary paper waste. Start using digital business card and become more environmentally friendly.

 Yes, scan paper business cards you receive and store them in your digital ICardoo wallet or phone contacts.

There are over 300 templates. Choose a template and easily design your own digital business card.

Go digital and become more environmentally sustainable. Let’s minimise number of trees cut to produce business card you are throwing away. Let’s save our planet together. Your choice matters.

We suggest you to create a digital strategy for you and your company but if you do opt to use paper cards – we can help you. We provide our platform to enable you to create beautiful and stylish templates. We will be happy to suggest you our partners, business cards printing companies. You can order your paper cards directly through ICardoo cards.

Tap to connect using QRCode and NFC technologies. 

There are three pricing tiers: basic, premium and enterprise. Are you an individual consumer? A Freelancer? Basic and premium tiers are your perfect choice. Please, see the list of features at https://www.icardoo.com/pricing/.  Enterprise tier is perfect for small and large companies. Enterprises are welcome to get in touch with us to negotiate pricing based on the number of users and functional requirements.

Yes, most definitely. You are welcome to use your business card design.

ICardoo will make you more efficient and organised. Now you can scan paper card of your business partners and customers in seconds. You can store all data in your phone contacts. Do not miss out on important connections whose business cards you have lost.

Yes, most certainly. You are welcome to use your own logo when using any template from our rich template library.

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