We suggest you to create a digital strategy for you and your company but if you do opt to use paper cards – we can help you. We provide our platform to enable you to create beautiful and stylish templates. We will be happy to suggest you our partners, business cards printing companies. You can order your paper cards directly through Icardoo cards.

You can easily share your card with the help of QR code technology. You are also welcome to use our NFC feature.

There are three pricing tiers. Basic and premium tiers are perfect for individual consumers (for example, freelancers). Basic tier is free. Premium, advertisement-free, tier is EUR 39 per month. Finally, enterprise tier is perfect for enterprise companies. Enterprises are welcome to get in touch with us to negotiate pricing based on the number of users and functional requirements.

Yes, most definitely. You are welcome to use your business card design.

ICardoo will offer you the way to connect to other companies or consumers efficiently. It will boost your networking capability and your contact details will never be lost. You are also invited to create a targeted advertising campaign for your business.

Yes, most certainly. You are welcome to use your own logo when using any template from our rich template library.

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